I will be absent from the Store from Friday 16 Februaery 2024 until Tuesday the 27 February 2024 as I will be attending Canberra Royal Show.  I will also be absent from the store from Friday 15 March 2024 until Monday the 15 April 2024 as I will be attending Sydney Royal Easter Show, no orders will be processed during these times I will process these order on my return. Thank you for your understanding.


I am unable to list any showcanes for sale as I am unable to post these items with Australia Post due to the length

If you wish to purchase a show cane please get in contact with me, we may be able to come up 

with an option for getting it to you.


Daryl 0417263460

Castration Gear

  • LG Bands

    LG Bands

    LG Bands LG Bands - 25 bands per bag, to be used with LG Bander only.

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  • SM Bands

    SM Bands

    SM Bands 25 Bands per bag. To be used with SM Bander tool, very similar to the Tri Bands

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  • SM Bander

    SM Bander

    SM Bander Suitable for cattle, sheep and goats up to 180kg. The latex ring opens twice the size of normal marking rings, with rings being designed so they will not slip off applicator. The rings are twice as strong as normal marking rings and opens to...

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  • Callicrate Bander

    Callicrate Bander

    Callicrate Bander Makes castration fast, easy an effective without complications.  The bander may also be used for dehorning and tail docking. The loop and clip unit on this bander makes the job fast, easy and convenient and works well on any size...

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  • LG Bander

    LG Bander

    LG Bander   This castrator is best used on cattle, sheep and goats ranging in weight from 120kg to 300kg.   The application of the ring is quick and efficient, by expanding the ring with an applicator and placing over scrotum.   The...

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  • California Bander

    California Bander

    The fastest, easiest, bloodless castration tool you have ever used! The tool is made of stainless steel with a soft foam handle. Pre-cut, 150mm natural latex bands have an aluminum T-clip attached to one end. To use, simply place the clip into the slot...

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