I will be absent from the Store from Friday 16 Februaery 2024 until Tuesday the 27 February 2024 as I will be attending Canberra Royal Show.  I will also be absent from the store from Friday 15 March 2024 until Monday the 15 April 2024 as I will be attending Sydney Royal Easter Show, no orders will be processed during these times I will process these order on my return. Thank you for your understanding.


I am unable to list any showcanes for sale as I am unable to post these items with Australia Post due to the length

If you wish to purchase a show cane please get in contact with me, we may be able to come up 

with an option for getting it to you.


Daryl 0417263460

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  • Sullivan's Artic Chill

    Sullivan's Artic Chill

    ARCTIC CHILL When the hot weather hits, keep your cool with Arctic Chill. This newly designed, durable, black steel misting ring will turn your fan into a cool comfortable oasis during the summer heat. The Arctic Chill uses a unique nozzle that creates...

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  • Sullivan Turbo Fan

    Sullivan Turbo Fan

    Sullivan 24″ TURBO FAN • Sullivan’s TURBO … America’s #1 Livestock Fan! - 240 Volt. • Nothing matches the Turbo for Air POWER! Documented most CFM’s of any livestock fan on the market! • The Dominant Motor...

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