Washing Products

  • Sullivan Soap Foamer

    Sullivan Soap Foamer

      SOAP FOAMER Heavy-duty soap foaming tool. Simply fill with shampoo, attach a water hose, and spray. Features a quick disconnect nozzle for easy rinsing. The foamer sprays a pre-set amount of foamed shampoo onto the animal  

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  • Sullivan Smart Scrub Brush

    Sullivan Smart Scrub Brush

    SULLIVAN’S SMART SCRUB BRUSH Stronger, Longer, Better. These are the words that describe the new Sullivan’s Smart Scrub Brush. Made in the USA, this brush is created from high quality material for a more durable brush. With its added length...

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  • Sullivan Flex Brush

    Sullivan Flex Brush

    FLEX BRUSH A flexible brush with a comfortable, adjustable nylon strap and the exact same pliable teeth as our popular massage brush used for training hair and washing livestock. Expect improved comfort and control as the Flex Brush™ naturally...

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  • Hocus Pocus Wipes

    Hocus Pocus Wipes

    Hocus Pocus Wipes – Perfect for cleaning combs, chute bars, fitting mats and show day hooves. – Quick & Easy Clean Up – Biodegradable – Durable Clean up your fitting equipment such as combs, chute bars, fitting mats and much...

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