• Aesclap Econom 11

    Aesclap Econom 11 GT474 Technical Specifications Noise level 73 dB(A) Rated current 200W Stroke rate (maximum) 2.750 1/min Test mark CE Weight (excl. cable) 1.200...

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  • Aesculap Bonum Clippers Cattle

    AESCULAP BATTERY CLIPPERS BONUM  The new cordless clippers from Aesculap, fitted with lithium-ion batteries and a sleek and ergonomic design.  The Bonum is also a perfect fit for women’s hands and boasts low weight, low noise and long...

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  • Aesculap Econom 11 Shearing Hand Piece

    Aesculap Econom II Electric Shearing Hand Piece comes with 13 tooth comb and 4 tooth cutter. A very smooth running big clipper. High performance, cool running and maintenance free, these clippers feature a powerful motor with a high cutting stroke...

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    Aesculap Fav 5 Hybrid Clipper

    Fav 5 Hybrid Clippers same technology as the Fav 5 Clippers, these clippers come with a corded battery pack which runs on 240 volt.  Batteries and charger are available at extra cost.   GT308 Technical...

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  • Extend Clipper Lube

    Extend Clipper Lube provides instant cooling and long lasting lubrication for clipper blades. It actually prolongs the life of clipper blades by keeping the blades cool during extended use.

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  • Heiniger Saphir Battery Clippers

    Saphir Style, Cordless battery clipper High performance batteries with the latest Lithium-ion technology35W permanent magnet motorOver 90 minutes of clipping time with less than 60 minutes of charging time.Unique Design Low-noise and high-performance...

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  • Heiniger Xperience Clippers

    The newest machine by Heiniger. It combines the combination of a powerful and still ergonomic and light machine. With cutting-edge technology, this new machine is exciting for both people and animals. The unique aspect about this product is the...

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  • New Heiniger Xpert Sheep Shearing Machine

    Xpert sheep shearing machine The new Xpert sheep shearing machine from Heiniger is a real power package. Power and technology are combined at the highest level in a handy, light machine. more The unique and innovative, strong connection between...

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    Wahl KM 2

    A sealed motor, completely maintenance free. Contoured, ergonomic handpiece designed for comfort and reduce fatigue. Recessed switch avoids accidental shut off. Intake filter is specially designed to prevent hair from entering the housing...

    $265.00 $210.00
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    Wahl KM 5

    Powerful animal clipper with the strength of two velocity levels and a durable, solid DC power motor designed for continuous load. The rounded casing facilitates an optimum hair flow and enhanced cutting speed. Minimum exertion and low joint...

    $275.00 $230.00
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