I will be absent from the Store from Friday 16 Februaery 2024 until Tuesday the 27 February 2024 as I will be attending Canberra Royal Show.  I will also be absent from the store from Friday 15 March 2024 until Monday the 15 April 2024 as I will be attending Sydney Royal Easter Show, no orders will be processed during these times I will process these order on my return. Thank you for your understanding.


I am unable to list any showcanes for sale as I am unable to post these items with Australia Post due to the length

If you wish to purchase a show cane please get in contact with me, we may be able to come up 

with an option for getting it to you.


Daryl 0417263460


  • Smart Comb with Grip Smart Comb with Grip

    Smart Comb with Grip

    SMART COMB W/GRIP The Smart Comb™ is just that … a multi-tasking, yet the lightest weight comb on the market, with interchangeable blades that securely snap in and out of a plastic handle allowing you to pick the blade of choice you can...

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  • 360 Brush

    360 Brush

    The 360 Smart Brush is a daily hair care brush made to create a complete 360 degrees of hair life.  With its 945 soft teeth the 360 will easily glide through every curvature making sure no hair is left lifeless.  With its soft plastic bristles,...

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  • Sullivan Hair Wizard

    Sullivan Hair Wizard

    A NEW cattle fitting tool that will obtain hair perfection.  The Hair Wizard's wire teeth separates every last hair strand.  It actually reaches under the hair, down to the hide and pulls up that hair you didn't even know existed.  This is...

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  • Sullivan Teflon Fluffer

    Sullivan Teflon Fluffer

    Get more leg hair perfection with Sullivan’s NEW Teflow Combs. The NEW show day comb for leg grooming. Teflon is a solid polymer that is considered to be one of the world’s most slippery and water resistant substances. It has one of the...

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  • Sullivan Smart Senation XL Brush

    Sullivan Smart Senation XL Brush

    Sullivan Smart Sensation XL Brush Like no other, the advantage of the Smart Sensation is how it amplifies the volume of the hair as it lifts it up from the hide without causing curls, kinks or matting that are often associated with rice root or...

  • Spiral Curry Comb

    Spiral Curry Comb

    Double Sided metal curry comb, fine and course, spring loaded with the ability to switch from fine to course. Great to use on sale bull or to get out mud and other debis from your animal

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  • Sullivan Stimulator Comb

    Sullivan Stimulator Comb

    The Stimulator Comb’s plastic teeth are constructed of the perfect synthetic material to stimulate the hair coat. It massages and is very gentle to the scalp. It can be compared to part Sullivan Comb and part Massage Brush, all in one tool. The...

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