Clipping Chute

  • Folding Fitting Matt Small

    Folding Fitting Matt Small

      Sullivan's Small Folding Fitting Mat   NEW Smaller Size! This purple mat is really convenient and easy to carry. Great to kneel on while clipping and fitting. Easy to move from one chute to another. Measures 18”...

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  • Folding Fitting Mat

    Folding Fitting Mat

    Sullivan's Fitting Matt Large Maroon matt which will fit beside the clipping chute. Fold in half with carry handles.  This fitting matt will save your knees, we are not getting any younger, and after a day clipping animals up and down on concrete...

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  • 7ft Steel Cadillac Clipping Chute

    7ft Steel Cadillac Clipping Chute

    The Clipping Chutes are available but please contact me in relation to the purchase of this item.  Extra Freight charges will apply. Sullivan Clipping Chute- one of the best clipping chutes on the market, solid and easy to move and store. ...