• Sullivan Smart Scrub Brush

    Sullivan Smart Scrub Brush

    SULLIVAN’S SMART SCRUB BRUSH Stronger, Longer, Better. These are the words that describe the new Sullivan’s Smart Scrub Brush. Made in the USA, this brush is created from high quality material for a more durable brush. With its added length...

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  • Sullivan Flex Brush

    Sullivan Flex Brush

    FLEX BRUSH A flexible brush with a comfortable, adjustable nylon strap and the exact same pliable teeth as our popular massage brush used for training hair and washing livestock. Expect improved comfort and control as the Flex Brush™ naturally...

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    Sullivan's Roto Fluffer

    Sullivan's Roto Fluffer

    Sullivan ROTO FLUFFER. The Ultimate Show Day Roto Brush The new twist on the traditional roto brush will take your hair or wool presentation to a whole new level. The Roto Fluffer has two styles of bristles in its aluminium body.  The first being...

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  • Sullivan Staggered Roto Brush

    Sullivan Staggered Roto Brush

    Sullivan Staggered Roto Brush. The staggered roto brush has rows of staggered length bristles, the short cut rows allow the long bristles to work deeper into the hair, this creates more lift and volume to the hair, prevents the matted look and...

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  • Flicker Brush

    Flicker Brush

    Flicker Grooming Brush Flexible bristles are soft enough to use on the head, but firm enough to flick off dirt on the rest of the body. Block design makes this brush feel narrow and more comfortable than most other brush blocks. Covers more area...

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  • Cattle Body Brush

    Cattle Body Brush

    Cattle Body Brush Like the slicker comb but with thicker metal teeth, curved wooden face and handle, similar to carding combs. Great for getting dead hair from coats.

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